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Dark Necessities

Recently, I was looking through old pictures with my family and found this photo of my mom. I fell in love with her look here. It is effortless, but cool. Innocent, but wild. And I find it very funny that she is sitting on a trashcan. My mom told me that she had these vans custom made, they were baby blue and brown. 


This outfit post is inspired by this photo: wearing my mom’s vintage 1950’s motorcycle jacket that she got in the 80’s, vintage Levis, and hightop Vans. 

This week I have been listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers a lot, pretty much constantly.  I love their new song “Dark Necessities.” “The darkness helps to sort the shine.” 


I have an obsession with juxtapositions. I feel that we need a bit of trouble in our lives in order to sort out what is really good. 



“I saw your face
Elegant and tired
Cut up from the chase
Still I so admired
Bloodshot your smile
Delicate and wild
Give me shewolf style
Rip right thru me”

– “Universally Speaking,” Red Hot Chili Peppers





“Give yourself a chance
To find a way
The holiness of play
Is here to stay

Tell your mom and dad, it’s all ok”

-“Dance, Dance, Dance,” Red Hot Chili Peppers



I got this new chained purse from Recess, a vintage clothing store on La Brea. I also love my leather Jacket pictured above from All Saints. Its kind of second skin to me now. 


“Tell the world that I’m falling from the sky.”

– “Dark Necessities,” Red Hot Chili Peppers



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