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My Heart

Photographer – Lindsey Englander


My heart seeks two things,

Absolute freedom

And divine love.


I think that love is misunderstood. The most important kind of love that I have learned over the past few years is self love. 

We are constantly reminded that we need one type of love and I disagree.


Because love is everywhere. 


The love you seek exists within you and all around you.


I’ve realized that love is not just the romantic kind of love that you see in films.


Because love has many facets.   


To me, love is a smile from a stranger, my mother’s laugh, moments when I feel my dreams coming to life, driving and listening to music, singing in the shower, dancing by myself, the sun rising, the chill of the wind, the act of creating beauty.


Love is letting go.


Love is running around in public acting like a weirdo with your best friend and not giving a damn about what other people think about it.


Love is so much more than needing a companion.


Love is so much more than comfort, it’s loving yourself enough to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Love is letting yourself live without seeking any kind of fulfillment from a lover. 

It is one thing to think something. It is another to feel it in your heart. 


Sometimes, I cry because amidst the cloudiness and dust of everyday life I have a moment of clarity,

Where I feel at one with the beauty of the world


And I feel sadness and happiness all at the same time,


That there is no division between the light and the dark,

And I see and feel everything all at once.


Act according to your heart and live the way your life should be, art.

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