I like taste

The taste of red wine

Of your lips against mine

I like people with good taste

I have a sweet tooth

I overindulge in life 


“When I feel Music”

I like music that makes my soul dance

That raises my vibration

A rush of love and forever to my heart

In love with the present



What if I had one million lovers

Would you tell me they were not true

I would tell you they are as true as the sky is blue

As true as the quiet life of morning dew

Because I am so strong

That I could never lose myself in loving all of you


“Sweet Surrender”

I surrender to every moment

All that’s left of me

Because I don’t know where I am going

Or how it’s supposed to be

And I can’t see the future

Or that your heart belongs with me

I see myself ripping at the seams

Overflowing with love for everyone I meet

I don’t believe in love

That’s one

Because life is a dream

And many moments of forever



Just remember, even stars collapse in on themselves,

But then they light the sky


“Who is She”

She is poetry in motion

She is the night sky

And the suns light

She is light

Sun on skin

She shines

Like sparkles on the sea

She is the sea

Swallowing earth

And sinking ships

She is the song

The song on repeat

The one you can’t get out of your head

She is the tree

She has roots, but wants to grow free


“Inspiration’s Weight”

Life is glittery in my head

Ideas shimmer and frolic

They dance without care

They must be drunk

They nudge at me to come dance

They taunt me with their play

I want to dance

I want to wear a dress that moves like palm fronds

But I weep, like a willow

Because life weighs me down

From expressing inner visions

That flash inside

Too magical to capture anyways

So do I dare try?


“Inner Sight”

There is so much inside me that I can’t express

It’s fading into nothingness

I wish I could show you all that’s in my head

Maybe then I could get to bed

But there is no end

Because dreamers go to far off lands

To learn their plans

To make amends

To chase the stars back to the suns light

Racing the time

But losing the fight


“Apple Slices”

When you see something you want

It makes you do crazy things

Things you never thought you could do

Like kiss a stranger at a supermarket in a foreign country

The craziness is worth the risk



From placid to erratic


And whole

My head feels full of everything

And I shiver

But this feeling cannot be shaken

I am fragile

Frêle frail

But there is strength in my heart

Sometimes I feel lost at sea


That life is flowery and often improvised

But there is grace that lies within my being

It propels me forward without doubt

Things may fade under the sun

There is always something new to love

We are meant to wander about

And make connections

To understand that our purpose is much more than wandering


“The artist in love”

To the artist, everything happens very deeply

The artist has his or her own world

A vision entirely their own

Separate from the rest

To fall in love involves risk

Risking the privacy of a world that exists within themselves

The chance of losing their art, of losing themselves

But they do it anyways

Only if it is real

And at first it tears them apart inside

But they use this division of love and art to fuel their work

And in doing so

They eventually become one


“Bye-Bye Baby”

I asked you, as you walked out my door for the last time

If you ever felt like life was a movie

You couldn’t look at me

I knew you were crying

You nodded and went on your way


“I Feel Free”

You broke the windows of my house

And turned the lights on

When you left

The room went dark

But now I’ve made it bright like morning

And I’m throwing a party for myself


“A World Away” 

I hope that you remember me

With light in my eyes

And love that filled the night sky with stars

So pure that you couldn’t even see it with your blind eyes


“Let Go”

I want to walk barefoot on hot pavement

And feel the breeze caress my skin

And forget that you exist

For a second

And forget about looking into your eyes

Because what I saw was merely a reflection of my overflowing love for you



Today I watched the sun disappear completely

I saw two birds up high

Swallowed by time

And the colors

Flying at a distance

Almost passing each other by


But apart

Under the same sky

I thought of you and me

A love that’s fading like this sun

Because I cannot feel your love

Not like this

And life doesn’t feel real to me anymore

It’s all a blur

None of it exists without you

And I’m waiting for the day it feels real again

To reach out and grab you by the hand

Spin me in circles

Remind me why we started


“Where are You”

I am here

And you are there

So where does all the love go

Does it float up to the sky

And come back down to us with the rain

Or do we throw it in the ocean

Where the tides turn it until it’s numb

Does it glow with the moon

And live only in our dreams

Or does it rise with the sun

And remind us to believe



My memories are smooth and sweet like the sound of your voice

When you say my name

And scratchy because sometimes they fade from me

Like the sound of your sleepy voice in the morning


“I Love You More Than This”

As we hurtle through this space we do not understand

I wonder how the earth spins and we do not feel it

The earth

This great big planet

How can one person make me feel more than our entire world?

With you I feel at peace and on fire at the same time

I will do everything I can to make you feel alive

Because that is what you do for me

I will shine light on the broken parts that you do not understand

And listen to your heartbeat



At the time I didn’t quite know

That these moments were fleeting

That there was no repeating

I slid down the wall

Light was peaking through

I could make out the outline of you

Through the cracks

Whispered I love you from behind the door

When you left

Fell to the floor

Cried at the thought of seeing you no more


“Thoughts Before Love”

The love of my life will listen to classical music with me

We will look at each other in silence

With blameless eyes peering at the other

And just our presence

Of being together

Will communicate so much more

Than our words ever will



As children we imagine

Have dreams

But we lose our youth in chasing them

And we crush the hands that raised us up

That held us

That were always home

 And we look for new ways to get where we need to be

Constantly climbing this unachievable perfection

That we want our lives to be

And we don’t realize that without others sharing in our dreams,

We walk alone

Only inspired by what is lost

And constantly trying to get back what we so easily let go of

And we recall echoes of laughter and vague memories of what seems to be a dream

We cannot tell what is real and what our minds made up

Because these distant sounds and visions are stored so far away we forget they exist

And they ache us

And take from us

What we took

From them


“Beauty Magazines”

The beauty magazines tell us

How to whiten our teeth

But never to smile

To put different products in our hair

But never to let it down

Different diets and tricks to lose a few

But never to let go of all the weight

Different ways to turn men on

But not how to love

Ways to erase wrinkles

But never to grow in age

How to stay youthful

But never to enjoy life as a child

To be free from all these thoughts

To no longer desire to be more beautiful

But just to be

A thousand ways that we could be better

Never will we love ourselves

Because we are constantly told reasons why we shouldn’t

Reasons we could be closer to this perfection we hold ourselves to

It drowns our happiness

It swallows our youth